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Full Control Over Your Bot
From deployment to privacy
Optobot gives you a full control with flexibility to your needs.

Supports Temporal Variables

Can store user data as a time series which allows variables to expire by time, session, node or never.

Offers Automatic Detection of Problems

When your bot goes live, Optobot detects problematic cases and reports those to you.

Provides User Analytics

Authors can use users’ time series to detect trends and derive relationships.

Supports Customized Knowledge Bases For Bots

An author can create his/her own knowledge base for general questions. If a user asks a question in the middle of a dialogue, the bot will reply with the answer to this question and will continue the dialogue normally.
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Start Building A High Performance Conversational
Experience With Our AI Chatbot.
Seamlessly..In No Time!
Incremental Development
  • Test the bot before going live 
  • Make conversational changes on the fly
  • Edit without disrupting a user’s chat.

Open Source

Open-source, with community and enterprise support.

Wit.ai Supported

Once you create a project, you can rapidly and efficiently train Wit.ai using a single .optonlp file.

Domain Specific Language

Optobot provides a very simple domain specific language(DSL) which alleviates the need to write code. This makes it possible for you to build your bot with ease in no time!
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Why Optobot
Is The Best For Your Business

All Data is secure

You don't need a remote server to host your bot. You can use your own.

Intelligent NLU

Facilitated by your choice of NLU top platforms. Facebook’s Wit.ai is used by default.

API Support

Intuitive and easy to use API.

Easy to use

Easily create code-free dialogues, variables, options and conditions with a domain specific language (DSL) in no time.

Integrate with any Channel

Instantly deliver your bot on all the major messaging channels. We support Facebook Messenger.

Better collaboration

A project can have multiple authors and moderators. Users can also be batch imported into an existing project by administrators.
Build Your Bot in Minutes
Whether you are a developer, corporation, or just a beginner,
Optobot is made for you!
Easy handling of your project
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